Seasoned storytellers. World-class production team.

Telling your story through video helps people connect to your brand in a powerful way. At UChicago Creative we have an experienced team of filmmakers with a wide and varied skill set. From crafting compelling narratives and capturing stunning visuals to further refining your story through the editing and post-production process, our team thrives on bringing the stories of UChicago to life.

Whether you’re looking to make an anthemic feature video with a voice-over, a documentary-style piece with one or multiple voices, or even remote video content, we can help you create something that effectively speaks to your audience.


Remote Video Recording
Long-Form Narratives
Short-Form Narratives
Video Recordings:
– Lectures
– Events
– Live Streaming
– Press Conferences

Social Media Content
In-House Sound Booth
–ISDN (external media outlets)
Motion Graphics

Remote video production

While nothing replaces the on-campus experience, it is important to find ways to stay connected to our community. We offer a range of remote video content production options to help you stay in touch, relay important messages, or promote engagement with your audience. From delivering messages from leadership, to informational videos that take advantage of moving text and motion graphics, to more robust content pieces, we can help you produce videos even while we all work from home.

Remote video recording
COVID 2025 series

Narrative video

From long-form storytelling with multiple voices to short-form narratives and documentary profiles, we can help you bring your story to life.

Long-Form Narratives

University Communications

University Communications

Office of the President

2018 Telly Award—Bronze
General, Non-broadcast

University Communications

University Communications

2020 Telly Award—Bronze
General, Non-broadcast

Short-Form Narratives

Office of the Provost

CASE Award—Gold
Video, Student Recruitment

Marine Biological Laboratory

News Office

2021 Pride of CASE V Award—Silver
Promotional Video—Schools/Colleges/Universities

2021 CASE Circle of Excellence Award—Silver
General Information—Short Form

2021 Telly Award—Silver
General Music

Harris School of Public Policy

Documentary Profiles

Office of Civic Engagement

2021 Pride of CASE V Award—Bronze
General Information—Long Form

2021 Telly Award—Gold
Social Impact

Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies

Harris School of Public Policy

Lectures, events, press conferences

No matter where your filming takes place, we provide peace of mind that your guests and speakers will be seen and heard. Additionally, we are experienced at live streaming and will bring the technical expertise needed to ensure your event runs smoothly.


Harris School of Public Policy

Alumni Relations

University Events and Ceremonies

Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies

Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society

Live Stream & Event Captures

Harris School of Public Policy

Center for Identity + Inclusion

Office of the President

University Events and Ceremonies / Chicago Quantum Exchange

Press Conferences

Audio recordings & voice-overs

We have a professional sound studio and a recording booth for capturing crisp, clear audio. This includes an ISDN link for connecting you to other professional media outlets such as a radio station. So instead of having to travel to them, you can conduct your interview from the convenience of campus.

Post-production services: Editing, motion/2D animation, and uploads

A large part of the storytelling process happens after the footage has been shot. Our editing team will take your piece to the next level with professional editing services and motion graphics. We also offer motion and 2D animation, and, once your piece is finished, we can provide upload services to make your life easier.

Motion Graphics