2020 UChicago Calendar

Celebrating the arts.

For many years, UChicago Creative has created annual, full-color calendars that celebrate some aspect of University life. In 2020, in concert with UChicago Arts, we brought to life the arts across campus. From iconic installations at the Smart Museum of Art to the return of the 2,500-year-old Persepolis relief to the ISAC Museum, the calendar chronicles the vast, varied, and rich artistic life here at UChicago.

With nearly 100 organizations and academic programs in the arts, this project was a collaborative effort with partners across campus. It was a labor of love that involved going deep on photography searches, and a robust proofreading effort to ensure everyone was accurately represented. UChicago Creative led the effort creating the design and layout and coordinating with all the various organizations and programs across campus.


UChicago Arts



Graphic Design
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