Harnessing the power of the UChicago brand for you.

Just as the University is committed to advancing human knowledge for the benefit of society, UChicago Creative is dedicated to telling that story in a compelling way. We do this by leveraging tools like design, writing, and video—in big ways and in small. Our projects range from logos, design consultation, and editorial assistance to content series, videos, websites, and integrated campaigns. No matter the scale of your creative need, we’re here to make the UChicago brand—and your budgets—work for you.

How we support our community.

Budget conscious

There are lots of ways to partner with us. From small projects that need to be turned around quickly and cost effectively to designing smart solutions that have a longer shelf life, we’re here to help maximize your budgets and streamline your process.

High caliber creative

As a value-added resource, we’re not trying to turn a profit like an outside vendor. As such, UChicago Creative allows you to tap into agency-level skill without the typical agency markup.

Brand expertise

We steward the brand and set the standard for how it is expressed in partnership with University Communications and leadership. We can help you differentiate yourself, while taking full advantage of the preeminent UChicago brand.

Our partners

Here are a few of the units we’ve worked with over the years.

UChicago Research Dissemination and Communications Program

Helping researchers communicate impact
Securing federal funding requires projects to demonstrate their potential impact and benefits to society. To help principal investigators successfully communicate these key outcomes, the UChicago Research Dissemination and Communications Program (UChicago RDCP) is a valuable resource. UChicago RDCP can assist with building a communications strategy, developing marketing and communications materials, reporting data, and more.