UChicago Health Pact Campaign

Because we’re all in this together.

In August 2020, the University launched the UChicago Health Pact—a shared commitment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect public health and safety among members of the University community.

To help drive awareness and increase adoption of the Health Pact, UChicago Creative in collaboration with University Communications launched an integrated engagement campaign tied to UChicago’s unique culture that enlisted faculty, staff, and student influencers to create ownership across the community.

Educate, inform, and engage.

With a theme built upon an “emotional why,” the Because We’re All in This Together campaign utilized multiple University communications channels and on-campus locations to target campus audiences; featured UChicago “influencers” in print, digital, and social designs to create conversation and build engagement; leaned on communications and school/division partners to adapt materials for their own uses; and surprised and delighted the audience with unique installations on the campus quads and in highly trafficked buildings.

Where the rational met the emotional.

The initial creative executions leaned on data and facts to convey the rational “why” you should keep the pact. While the influencer portion allowed for a wide variety of UChicagoans to demonstrate their personal and emotional reasons why. The influencers were recognizable and respected members of our community—prominent faculty members, students, and academic leaders—which enabled us to imbue trust and create a real sense of community and shared purpose.


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