ICI Website & Quarterly Report

Creating a place to report in.

When the Office of Civic Engagement came to us, they wanted to find a simple way to report on the progress of a joint initiative between OCE, Facilities Services, and UChicago Medicine that worked to create opportunities for minorities, women, and local residents on campus projects. The work this joint task force had achieved was impressive, but reporting outcomes and conveying them to the local community had not always been as smooth a process.

We were tasked with creating a website that would easily explain the efforts of the joint initiative and that gave the organization a place to report on their progress. Our first job was to name the project. We settled on Inclusive Construction Initiative, as it conveyed the overall mission of the joint effort while creating a pithy and visually appealing acronym.

Next we mapped out the simple site, creating a user experience that was easy to follow and streamlined the information. Copywriting and design came soon after, utilizing clean lines, engaging photography, and language that appealed to the potential audiences. Going a bit deeper, we created a template of graphics that could be used for reporting key data going forward. Happy with the results of the site and the new look and feel, we extended that template to include the quarterly reports themselves, with appealing cover treatments and interior pages that mimicked the look of the fresh, new site.

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