Parker Probe Video Series

Launching the story of a legendary UChicago physicist.

On August 12, 2018, the NASA Parker Solar Probe blasted into space on its historic mission to explore the sun. In attendance at the launch that day was University of Chicago professor emeritus Eugene Parker.

The Parker Solar Probe was named after the physicist in recognition of his groundbreaking discovery of the solar wind. This discovery made him a legend in the field of astrophysics, but his research wasn’t widely known outside of academia. As Parker is the first living person in NASA history to have a mission named after him, the event presented a great opportunity to reach and inspire new audiences and increase engagement with existing audiences by leveraging the general interest in the upcoming launch and the strength of the NASA brand.

In partnership with University Communications, UChicago Creative conceptualized, shot, and edited a series of videos telling Parker’s story from several different angles to coincide with the announcement, the launch, and the anniversary of the event.

As one creative component in a comprehensive media relations campaign, the videos told Parker’s compelling story and evoked pride in UChicago as an intellectual destination for prospective students, faculty, and donors, as well as our current campus community, through digital, social, and email channels.

The response to the videos was impressive, with more than 500K views on Facebook alone. The videos were also screened with press and media outlets, helping to increase UChicago’s share of voice among higher education peers, which increased from 5.1 percent to 57 percent during the Parker Solar Probe launch window. Altogether, the Parker Probe Video Series represents a powerful piece of storytelling that is true to who we are as a brand.


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