PME Brand Launch

Defining the brand for this field-defining school.

In the spring of 2019, the University announced a $100 million gift from the Pritzker Foundation to create the nation’s first school dedicated to molecular engineering. With this big announcement, the IME became PME and the need arose to relaunch the brand.

To help build excitement about the announcement and to educate people on molecular engineering and the mission of PME, UChicago Creative created a compelling launch video. It highlighted not only the historic announcement, but also profiled key stakeholders at PME, while explaining the school’s mission and future impact.

UChicago Creative was also instrumental in creating a new visual identity for the brand—one that solidified PME’s status as a new school within the University and as a leader in this new, emerging field.

Taking things one step further, UChicago Creative in partnership with PME and University of Chicago Professional Education created a suite of recruitment materials aimed at potential students and faculty for existing and newly created degree programs. Through original design and copywriting, these materials help reach a broader audience about the exciting possibilities PME has to offer.

The new brand was then translated into the corporate engagement arena with collateral materials created to develop industry partnerships and sponsorship.


Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering



Visual Identity