Brand Identity Guidelines

Where can I find the current Brand Identity Guidelines?

The University of Chicago Brand Identity Guidelines can be found on the UChicago Creative Resources page.

Brand Identity Elements

Where can I find the University of Chicago’s brand assets?

A variety of brand elements and assets are available on Box via the UChicago Creative Resources page. These include: 

  • University of Chicago brand identity elements (Shield, Seal, Phoenix, UChicago Gothic Wordmark)
  • the University Logo and University Logotype
  • communications tools (email signatures, Word letterheads, and Powerpoint templates)
  • video lower thirds and motion graphics templates
Do I need to pay for the University’s brand assets?

No. The University’s brand identity elements, University Logo and Logotype, and communications tools are available at no cost for use by all units.


Where can I find fonts?

Primary Fonts

Gotham embodies the contemporary tone of the University. Its use is preferred in print, in websites, and for legibility of copy at smaller sizes. Licenses for the recommended package, Gotham 1, may be purchased through typography.com.

Adobe Garamond Pro embodies the traditional tone of the University. It is often used for headlines or accent copy. It is available on Adobe Fonts via Adobe Creative Cloud, or licenses may be purchased through MyFonts.com. EB Garamond is acceptable for digital use (websites, apps, etc.). It is available through Google Fonts.

Limited-Use Fonts

Gotham Narrow can be used for captions, call-outs, copy-heavy documents, and body copy where space is limited. Licenses for the recommended package, Gotham Narrow 1, may be purchased through typography.com.

Gotham Black is an exception only to be used when extra visual impact is needed. Licenses may be purchased through typography.com.

Fette Fraktur reflects the University’s Gothic architecture and provides a nostalgic link to those familiar with the University’s Hyde Park campus. It should only be used in relationship with the Gothic UChicago Wordmark or by College Admissions in recruitment communications when spelling out the name of a prospective student. It should always be set in lowercase letters only. Licenses may be purchased through linotype.com.

Do I need to pay for fonts?

Yes. There is no campus-wide license, so units are responsible for purchasing their own fonts. License information and prices may be found via the links below or on pages 37–38 of the Brand Identity Guidelines.


Where can I find photography?

PhotoStore is the University resource for photography from across various campus units. You can find more information about PhotoStore access and subscription costs on the University’s PhotoStore website.

Logo Creation

Is there a timeline for units [or entities] to adopt the new guidelines?

Due to individual unit variables and considerations, each will devise their own implementation schedule. That said, we’re anticipating that everyone will be compliant by June 30, 2023.

Is there an exemption process?

Yes. Requests for exemptions should be submitted to UChicago Creative and will be reviewed by the vice president for communications.

Do I need to get my logo approved by the University?

Yes. All logos should be reviewed by UChicago Creative for approval. If an entity would like to request an exemption from adherence to the Brand Identity Logo System, a Logo Exemption Request Form should be filled out and submitted to UChicago Creative. Exemptions are reviewed by UChicago Creative, the vice president for communications, and, when necessary as determined by the Vice President of Communications, University leadership.  

How do I start a new logo project?

You may submit a new project request on the UChicago Creative portal.

What does a new logo cost?

A standard Toolkit is $770, and includes the following:

  1. Brand compliant visual identity
  2. Four files:
  • Digital Logo (RGB)
  • Print Logo (CMYK)
  • Promotional Logo (Spot Color)
  • Web Logo (SVG)
  1. Three color options:
  • Full color
  • Black
  • White
  1. Electronic Letterhead
  2. Social Avatar
  3. Typographic Option
  4. Identity Guidelines
  5. Usage Examples
How long does it take to create my new logo?

New Brand Identity Logo Toolkits typically take two weeks to produce.

Can I get a logo just for my website?

We recommend a full toolkit. Past conversations on similar requests have revealed that most website needs are related to other collateral for which the website logo asset is not sufficient or appropriate.

Can I use the University brand identity elements in my unit logo?

We discourage the use of our brand identity elements in custom designs. To start a logo project for your unit, please submit a request on the UChicago Creative portal.


Where do I order stationery?

Stationery items can be ordered and customized through University-approved vendors. Visit Buysite to order through approved vendors.

Document Accessibility/ADA Compliance

Are your templates ADA compliant?

General University Powerpoint templates have been made compliant. Users of the templates are responsible for the accessibility of their own content (for example, alt text on relevant images).

How do I make my Powerpoint presentation ADA compliant?

Resources for accessible document creation (including Word, Powerpoint, and Adobe Acrobat) can be found on the Center for Digital Accessibility website.

Are the Brand Identity Guidelines ADA compliant?

The digital PDF has been created to meet accessibility standards.

Branded Merchandise

Do I have to have my merchandise design reviewed/approved by UChicago Creative?

We encourage University units to utilize preferred vendors for branded merchandise and apparel. This ensures that the merchandise design is reviewed and ultimately approved by UChicago Creative. If you have questions about your design, please email identity@uchicago.edu.

How do I know if my design is royalty-exempt?

Branded merchandise or apparel is royalty-exempt if it is not intended for sale.

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